Monday, December 7, 2009

The Last Warm Fuzzy

Much has been said and written about Waldron Vorhees. Not all of it bad and not all of it true. I will be adding the facts as I know them to this post, even as the Cold Pricklies continue to gang up on the warmest fuzzy to ever do time at Round Mountain Ranch. A ranch owned by the biggest Cold Prickly of all; the author of "The Warm Fuzzy Tale" itself.

ANYONE who wants to IDENTIFY THEMSELVES and do the same, is more than welcome to speak the truth as they know it.

From this post forward however, all anonymous comments will be deleted to prevent any more cowardly surprise attacks.

“Of two men sitting in a house one is the owner, the other, but a guest. The owner expatiates on the cost of the building and maintenance, and on the value of draperies and tapestries and other trappings and furnishings. While the guest blesses in his heart the hands that quarried, dressed and built the stone; and the hands that wove the tapestries and the draperies; and the hands invaded the forest and turned it into windows and doors and into chairs and tables. And he is exalted in spirit in exalting the Creative Hand that caused these things to be.

I say to you, the guest is the permanent dweller in that house; while the nominal owner is but a beast of burden carrying the house on his back but dwelling not therein.”


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Daily

“Mary was a society belle painter, separated from Cord, who gave JFK acid trips, actual LSD and told her galpals a.) that she kept a diary on this affair, and b.) that the prexy was getting ‘very spiritual' from all those psychedelic trips!”

Every time I talk to Waldron he answers my hypothetical question "Who knows what things would look like if his (JFK's) consciousness had been allowed to expand instead of the back of his skull?”

Effortlessly. As though it's an answer he's known for 45 years.

Whenever he calls me, Captain Clearlight will ask “what's going on in the world?” No matter what horrific or mindless event I describe, he'll say “Good!” and when we get around to what HE thinks he always tells me “I think we're headed for Paradise...”

When I told him the title of this new post, he said: “I did that for five years... and I don't think I ever came back down.”

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Henry Ford of ACID

In 1968, small squares of clear LSD started appearing on San Francisco streets. The .10X.10X.007 (250 mic) squares had been turned out on an ingenius rig that produced enough identical hits of "Windowpane" to have turned on over 350 million adventurous souls by 1975.

The unique Human Being responsible for this precision and efficiency had been a Bay Area Charter Captain during the last half of the Fifties after serving in the Strategic Air Command as an Electrical Specialist aboard B-36 Peacemakers from 1951 to 1954.

It is the wish of this outrageous character to whom so many owe so much, that anyone whose life was changed by the way he lived his, be given a chance to share their experiences.

I am only too happy to provide my friend, and anyone who took a hit of windowpane (there ARE over 350,000,000 of you), with just such a forum.

The Captain is waiting to hear from you.